Security & Sound, 2 Conductor 16 AWG

Security & Sound, 2 Conductor 16 AWG, BC, Shielded, CMR

Security & Sound, 2 Conductor 16 AWG, BC, Shielded, CMR

Security & Commercial Audio Cable, Riser-CMR, 2-16 AWG stranded bare copper conductors with polypropylene insulation, Beldfoil® shield and PVC jacket with ripcord.

Product Overview

Suitable Applications:Security System, Intercom/PA, Audio/Speaker, Noisy Environment

Construction Details

ElementNumber of ElementSizeStrandingMaterial
Conductor(s)216 AWG19×29BC – Bare Copper
ElementMaterialNom. ThicknessNom. Insulation DiameterColor Code
Conductor(s)PP – Polypropylene0.008 in (0.20 mm)0.073 in (1.9 mm)Black, Red
Outer Shield
Shield TypeMaterialCoverageDrainwire Type
TapeBi-Laminate (Alum+Poly)100%24 AWG (7×32) TC
Outer Jacket
MaterialNom. ThicknessNom. DiameterRipcord
PVC – Polyvinyl Chloride0.017 in (0.43 mm)0.184 in (4.67 mm)Yes
Overall Cable Diameter (Nominal):0.184 in (4.67 mm)

Electrical Characteristics

ElementNom. Conductor DCRNom. Capacitance Cond-to-CondNom. Capacitance Cond-to-Other (Conds + Shield)Max. Current
Conductor(s)4 Ohm/1000ft58 pF/ft (190 pF/m)114 pF/ft (374 pF/m)6.25 Amps per conductor @ 25°C
UL Voltage Rating
300 V (CMR)

Mechanical Characteristics

UL TemperatureOperating
75°C-20°C to +75°C
Bend Radius
Stationary Min.Installation Min.
1.9 in (48 mm)1.9 in (48 mm)
Max. Pull Tension:85.5 lbs (38.8 kg)
Bulk Cable Weight:24 lbs/1000ft

Standards and Compliance

Environmental Suitability:Indoor – Riser, Indoor
Flammability / Reaction to Fire:UL 1666 Riser, FT4, IEC 60332-1-2
CPR Compliance:CPR Euroclass: Eca
NEC / UL Compliance:Article 800, CMR
CEC / C(UL) Compliance:CMG
European Directive Compliance:EU CE Mark, EU Directive 2015/863/EU (RoHS 2 amendment), EU Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS 2), EU Directive 2012/19/EU (WEEE)
UK Regulation Compliance:UKCA Mark
APAC Compliance:China RoHS II (GB/T 26572-2011)
Plenum Number:6200FE


Update and Revision:Revision Number: 0.511 Revision Date: 04-13-2023

Part Numbers

Item #ColorPutup TypeLengthUPC/EAN
5200FE 0101000BlackReel1,000 ft612825446002
5200FE 010Z1000BlackReelTuff Box1,000 ft612825157335
5200FE 0061000Blue, LightReel1,000 ft612825350446
5200FE.00152ChromeReel152 m8719605007940
5200FE.00305ChromeReel305 m8719605007964
5200FE.00U305GrayReel305 m8719605007971
5200FE 008500GrayReel500 ft612825157274
5200FE 008U500GrayUnReel500 ft612825423485
5200FE 0081000GrayReel1,000 ft612825157304
5200FE 008U1000GrayUnReel1,000 ft612825157281
5200FE 008Z1000GrayReelTuff Box1,000 ft612825350453
5200FE.001500GrayReel1,500 m8719605007933
5200FE.001525GrayReel1,525 m8719605007957
5200FE 0051000Green, DarkReel1,000 ft612825350439
5200FE 0031000OrangeReel1,000 ft612825350415
5200FE 0021000RedReel1,000 ft612825423478
5200FE 002Z1000RedReelTuff Box1,000 ft612825350408
5200FE 0071000VioletReel1,000 ft612825157298
5200FE 009U1000WhiteUnReel1,000 ft612825423492
5200FE 0091000WhiteReel1,000 ft612825157311
5200FE 009Z1000WhiteReelTuff Box1,000 ft612825350460
5200FE 0041000YellowReel1,000 ft612825350422

In the realm of security and sound systems, choosing the right cables is paramount to ensuring optimal performance and reliability. One notable option that stands out is the Shielded CMR 2 Conductor 16 AWG BC Cable. With its exceptional construction and superior capabilities, this cable offers a range of benefits that elevate security and sound installations to new heights. In this article, we will delve into the features, advantages, and applications of this remarkable cable.

Superior Shielding for Enhanced Security:

The Shielded CMR 2 Conductor 16 AWG BC Cable is specifically designed to provide excellent electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding. By effectively reducing external interference, this cable helps maintain the integrity and confidentiality of security systems. Whether it’s surveillance cameras, access control systems, or alarm systems, the shielded construction ensures optimal signal transmission, minimizing the risk of data corruption or unauthorized access.

High-Quality Sound Transmission:

For sound installations that demand pristine audio quality, this cable delivers exceptional performance. The 16 AWG Bare Copper (BC) conductors provide low resistance and minimize signal loss, resulting in clear and accurate sound reproduction. Whether it’s for public address systems, theaters, recording studios, or entertainment venues, the Shielded CMR cable ensures faithful sound reproduction, immersing audiences in a rich and immersive audio experience.

Fire-Retardant CMR Rating:

Safety is a top priority in any installation. The CMR (Communication Riser) rating of the cable indicates its compliance with fire safety regulations, specifically for vertical applications within buildings. With its CMR rating, this cable is designed to inhibit the spread of fire, providing crucial fire protection in commercial and residential settings. By choosing Shielded CMR cables, you can have peace of mind knowing that your security and sound systems meet stringent safety standards.

Versatile Applications:

The Shielded CMR 2 Conductor 16 AWG BC Cable finds extensive use in various applications. It is ideal for structured cabling systems, intercom systems, control circuits, and other low-voltage applications that require reliable signal transmission. The versatility of this cable ensures its compatibility with a wide range of security and sound equipment, offering seamless integration into diverse installations.


When it comes to security and sound systems, the choice of cables plays a crucial role in determining performance, reliability, and safety. The Shielded CMR 2 Conductor 16 AWG BC Cable stands out as a top-notch solution, providing superior shielding, high-quality sound transmission, fire-retardant properties, and versatile applications. By opting for this cable, you can ensure optimal security, clear sound reproduction, and compliance with safety regulations, making it an excellent investment for your security and sound installations. Choose the Shielded CMR cable and unlock the full potential of your systems.

Enhancing Safety and Sound Quality: Exploring the Benefits of Shielded CMR 2 Conductor 16 AWG BC Cables